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July 10, 2009

Some False Teachers are Christians

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Over at Pyromaniacs … In “A Reasonable Question” Frank Turk considers the biblical account of Peter’s behavior in eating with the Gentiles, then eating only with Jews, and Paul’s rebuke — and relates that to a modern false teacher, John Stott, who teaches annihilationism of the lost:

Peter needed a rebuke. John Stott prolly needs a rebuke. God knows that Frank Turk needs more than one rebuke — all of them, for false teaching. That doesn’t mean that any of them are not Christians. Some false teachers are Christians. It disqualifies them as teachers, not as men or women who are being saved by grace. Some non-Christians are also false teachers.

This is a good point, one I’ve been considering — and I had come to the same conclusion regarding my local pastor’s numerous errors: that he very likely is a real Christian, yet I do not see that he is fit as a teacher. One who purposely rejects several areas of the Bible, including matters regarding the beginning and the end (those areas in which we must especially look to what God says) should not presume to teach others, no matter how much he may feel “right” and no matter how much he knows and loves the Lord.  As Frank Turk added in a follow-up comment, “But some false teachers are Christians who need not to be teachers anymore — who in fact need better teaching to help them out.”


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