Contending For The Faith

June 5, 2009

Concerning Prophecy and Study

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My studies in God’s word continue, and I continue to enjoy and have great desire for learning all that is contained therein. One new observation I have, after months of study and perusing message board posts at BibleForums( one reason I especially enjoy studying the prophetic texts of scripture is that this particular area does require more detailed study than most other scriptural matters. Those who only give superficial attention to the Bible will never plunge into the depths of scripture, will never do the extra work necessary to see how the different texts relate to each other to form a more complete overall picture. So much of scripture deals with Christ’s Second Advent, yet so many neglect it altogether or only skim the surface and come to completely incorrect conclusions.

I can see this quality of study and depth of thought in the posts in BibleForums’ eschatology section. Whereas the overall content of the website is light and often superficial (as typical of all message board sites), at least a few of the posters in the eschatology sub-board show great intelligence and skill with their subject matter, knowing the scriptures and how to present and defend the premillennial view with solid biblical interpretation using the literal, grammatical, historical hermeneutic. This resource too is quite helpful for learning the topic, albeit in a broad, non-systematized manner of looking at specific issues rather than an organized presentation.

I’ve now embarked on a new topical series, a general eschatology series of 37 messages from the late S. Lewis Johnson. I’m in the “Covenants” section now, having just completed all three parts of the Abrahamic Covenant (message 12). Much of the material is review at this point, basic ideas I learned from Jim McClarty’s 112 message series, but S. Lewis Johnson adds more detail and insights. Again I think of Spurgeon’s great quote about increasing our faith as I consider the wonders of our great God, who not only purposed our own salvation but has an even greater plan, to also save a future generation of Jews. As S. Lewis Johnson said, it is so inconsistent of Calvinists to think that their own salvation is elected from God, but that the Jews lost their promises based on their efforts–their behavior and apostasy. Such a view would be more consistent from an Arminian, but not from Calvinists who understand God’s Sovereignty in Election. If God could reject Israel because of their failure, what confidence have we to assume that He would not reject us based on our efforts?


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